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Facial Treatments

Our signature facials address common concerns such as clogged pores, dehydrated skin, dull & pigmented skin, and ageing skin. Nevertheless, all skin conditions are unique to individuals. Our professional consultants and beauticians will provide personalised advice and customised facials that address your needs. Whether it is Organic Facials for sensitive skin, Gua Sha for dark eye circles or V-lift for ageing skin, our tailored treatments will help you attain the rejuvenated, glowing, clear skin you have been yearning for!

Rebalance & Purify

Exposure to pollutants, toxins and chemicals is inevitable when living in an urban environment. This detoxifying facial helps to unclog pores by removing the dirt and oil trapped in them with its deep cleansing techniques. 

Moisture Restored

Dehydrated skin is a common woe to many. Fret not! This nourishing facial features moisture-rich ingredients that help retain your skin’s moisture balance and lock moisture within it. Thoroughly hydrated skin will feel supple, dewy and soft! 


Bye Bye Dull Skin

Combat dull, pigmented skin caused by ageing, hormonal changes and sun exposure with this revitalising facial that helps boost radiance and restore your skin’s natural glow. Our PHYT’s Organic White Bio-Active treatment, for example, has an active vegetal complex that helps in reducing pigmentation. 


Keep Youthful

Want to improve your skin’s elasticity and diminish wrinkles and fine lines? This facial is packed with powerful active ingredients to fight the signs of ageing. It replenishes skin moisture and lipids and improves your skin’s elasticity for a firmer, more lifted look. 

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