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Meridian Massage: The Best Way Towards A Healthy Body & Mind

Of course, all massages are relaxing and aim to relieve tension. But trust us, the meridian massage truly is the king of all relaxation massages. The reason behind this is the fact that unlike traditional massages, the meridian approach is based on ancient Chinese medicine practices such as herbal medicine and acupressure.

Below, we will explore the meridian lines of the body and the differences between acupressure and meridian massage, we will take you through the steps of a meridian massage session and finally expand on the benefits of this technique to your body, health and overall wellbeing.

What is a meridian massage?

A meridian massage is a technique based on ancient Chinese medicine and acupressure which aims to improve health and wellbeing and relieve various health issues a person might be facing.

Meridian therapy is considered as a form of alternative medicine that is usually performed when someone is having various body aches, musculoskeletal disorders, injuries, migranes, insomina, and stress.

For a proper meridian massage session to be carried out, a trained therapist is required.

Acupressure VS meridian massage: What’s the difference?

There are several similarities between acupressure and meridian massage, as the same pressure points are being used to relieve stress and heal injuries.

The key difference between the two techniques is that as part of the meridian therapy, various lifestyle changes have to be made and self-care practices are a big part of the session.

Lifestyle changes

When talking about lifestyle changes and adjustments, they can be bigger or smaller, depending on each person’s daily habits. These changes should promote the flow of energy (Qi) throughout the body to enhance the functions of both the body and the mind. Usually, the adjustments that need to be made are relevant to external stimuli that cause stress and anxiety.

Self-care practices

Self-care practices are also a key part of meridian therapy. These include simple and easy to follow movements that anyone can perform. Such movements also promote the flow of energy across the body leading to relaxation.

What are the meridian lines of the body?

The meridian lines can simply be defined as the pathway of energy flow across the body. What they do is allow the flow of Qi across the human body through several acupressure points. Meridians exist in pairs and each line has various pressure points along the way.

There are 14 meridians across the body: one running right in the center of our body on the front, one on the back, and 12 throughout the body in various points from our head to our toes.

As mentioned above, meridian lines run in yin-yang pairs. What this means is that every yin organ, such as our heart, matches a yang organ, such as our stomach.

So, how do meridian lines help us? The answer is simple. If the energy flows properly and freely the body is healthy. If we are exposed to stress, anxiety or illness our meridian lines block making us feel worse and worse.

What to expect during a meridian massage

To start with, a proper meridian massage is performed by a trained meridian approach therapist.

Before starting your session, you can discuss with your therapist any health issues that you might be facing, injuries or aches.

Then you will lie down in a comfortable position and the massage will start. Depending on the conditions you suffer from different techniques such as tapping, kneading, and stretching soft and deep tissue, will be applied to the various acupressure points of your body. These techniques will then stimulate the 14 meridian lines running across your body, help the flow of energy and ultimately benefit your well-being.

Consistency is key when it comes to meridian massage. A trained therapist will know exactly which points to pressure at which time of the session to enhance blood flow and release tension. Also, for optimal results on both your body and spirit, a meridian massage should be performed on a weekly basis. This will help your meridian lines not get blocked by daily stress and lifestyle habits that affect the flow of your energy.

What are the benefits of meridian massage

All massages are beneficial to the body, some more than others. The lymphatic drainage massage as well as the meridian massage are two of the most beneficial therapies you can have. Let’s have a look at some of the greatest benefits of the meridian massage:

  • Stronger immune system

This type of massage helps blood flow better across your body leading to a healthier and stronger immune system.

  • Relief of body aches

Since it derives from ancient Chinese medicine, the meridian massage approach helps in releasing tension of the body and soothes body pains.

  • Enhances well-being and mental health

Once your energy starts flowing properly across your body, the benefits are not only physical but mental too. Your mood will be improved and you will feel healthier and stronger in body and spirit.

  • Healthier organs

As mentioned above, meridian lines run in pairs and connect organs. By allowing blood and energy to flow correctly across the body, the function of your organs will also improve.

A meridian massage truly is one of the greatest ways to improve both your physical and mental well-being. Allowing energy to flow throughout your body will help you with injuries, stress and other issues you might be facing head to toe.

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