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The Skin-Loving Benefits of Gua Sha Facials

What is the best way to remove toxins and inflammation? Chinese scraping therapy is an age-old technique that is all-natural and highly beneficial. Use it to stimulate your skin cells to achieve supple, healthy skin. Learn about the benefits of gua sha facials below.

One of the Best Beauty Trends in the Industry

The majority of beauty trends are get-rich-quick schemes. Many of them fail to have any actual long-term plus sides. For the most part, they are meant to be flashy and easy to try at home.

Ancient skincare is a different story. There are valid medical studies that prove its effectiveness. Subjects in the scientific study felt relaxed with a rise in blood volume. The theory is that the boosted blood heals and stimulates the skin’s repairing ability.

Clinical trials say it is legit, and so do we!

Social media skincare trends let you see the benefits of gua sha in person. Beauty gurus all over the world leap at the opportunity to try something new. We are here to tell you that they are on the right path.

Yes, the treatment works. Yes, you should try it for yourself.

The Facial Aesthetics Are the Real Deal

We are sure that you have seen them by now! Videos of the latest beauty trends are fun to watch. You may have seen jade rollers, but the natural skincare technique works in different ways. The best part is its immediate effect on the skin.

Gua sha before/after pictures look amazing! If you have not tried them yet, here is your sign. They provide an instant mini facelift, making you look the best you ever have. Are you struggling with puffy skin, early signs of aging, or dullness? Here is your solution.

How Does Gua Sha Work?

An expert uses a special tool to scrape your skin. Using short or long strokes, they gently scrape the skin on your face. Full-body therapy is also a technique that some specialists use.

Any regular person has access to natural skincare tools. The proof is in the technique, though.

When done correctly, Chinese scraping therapy reduces chronic pain and inflamed skin. It also removes dead skin cells and puffiness in the face.

Any treatment that boosts collagen reverses aging and lifts the skin. By stimulating lymph, experts move inflamed tissue away from the front of the face. If that is your goal, you are in the right place.

Here are the health benefits of a gua sha facial:

Reduces liver inflammation caused by Hepatitis B

● Treats chronic headaches

● Reduces muscle pain and soreness

● Provides a natural mini facelift

● Creates a healthy glow by removing dead skin cells

Do you prefer non-medical, holistic treatment? You may be in luck. This type of skincare treats dozens of common skin issues, and it’s easy to do.

Most people try the ancient skincare technique at home by themselves. However, the real perks come from trusting a specialist.

See the Results: Gua Sha Facials Before/After

Before a gua sha facial, faces appear puffy and tired. You may notice inflamed cheeks, redness, or sagging skin. That is because our face reflects our overall health. By taking a natural and holistic approach, personalized beauty and health is the right way to go.

After the special therapy, you will notice healthy and glowing skin. It works for aging skin, dark under-eyes, and certain skin conditions. After a few treatments, the improvements become noticeable, revealing a whole new you!

Organic Facial with Gua Sha at Face Holistic

Pair gua sha with our Phyt's Organic facial and you will be amazed of the quick results - youthful, radiant, smooth and supple!



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